Roman republican denarius with the heads of Dioscuri, 108-107 BC

Dioscuri Project 
Eastern Enlargement – Western Enlargement
Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society after the Accession

24 September 2018
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Papers and Publications

Dioscuri State of the art report

Final Project Report (July 2007)

The Way to Successs. Hungarian Coordinators in the EU 6th Framework Programme.A publication produced within "Hungary for FP6", a project funded by the Sixth Frework Programme of the European Commission. DIOSCURI features in the publication as one of two Hungarian-coordinated projects within the CITIZENS thematic priority.


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International conference presentation, Plovdiv University, in cooperation with the Austrian Institute for South Eastern Studies, March 2006.

International conference presentation, XVI ISA World Congress of Sociology, Durban, South Africa, 23 - 29 July 2007.

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Bulgarian Journal of Sociological Problems (Soziologicheski problemi), editors of the issue: Kabakchieva, Petya and Kiossev, Alexander. Vol. 3-4, 2007, ISSN 0324-1572.
Theme: Insitutional Change and Social Transformations.

Chapter 1: Conceptualizing Fluid Institutions, Cultural Encounters and Hybrids by Kabakchieva, Petya and Kiossev, Alexander
Chapter 3: Knowledge about Institutions, Institutions of Knowledge by Avramov, Roumen
Chapter 4: The Transitions of the Pig: Culture and Economy in Post-Socialist Romania by Mihailescu, Vintila
Chapter 5: The Economic Culture as Generator of Inequalities: The Generations in the Bulgarian Banking Business by Chavdarova, Tanya Chapter 6: Culture Encounter in a Privatized Bulgarian Bank with Foreign New Owners: Which Are the Relevant Borders? by Ganev, Georgi
Chapter 7: Two Coping Strategies of the Small Farmers in Bulgaria by Iliev, Ilia
Chapter 8: Wine Production between the Local and the Gobal: Notes on the Villige Fieldwork by Ditcev, Ivailo
Chapter 9: The Two-Faced Janus: European Rules in Postcommunist Context. The Case of SAPARD by Kabakchieva, Petya
Chapter 10: Comparative Study on the Cases of Rural Development by Alexandrov, Haralan

Czech Republic

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