Roman republican denarius with the heads of Dioscuri, 108-107 BC

Dioscuri Project 
Eastern Enlargement Western Enlargement
Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society after the Accession

24 September 2018
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Project Management

DIOSCURI was coordinated by the Center for Policy Studies, a research unit of the Central European University, Budapest. The Project Coordinator bore overall responsibility for the successful implementation of the project and permanent contacts with the European Commission. Due to the established ties between the CEU and IWM, the latter institution agreed to take the lead in guiding the methodological design for the country specific and comparative research, to collaborate with the CEU in evaluating the research deliverables, and to lead some of the dissemination activities. The consortium invited a Principal Researcher from IWM, who has an unconditional reputation within the network and long-standing experience to work with the CEU as well as other consortium members. The Principal Researcher was based in Vienna (IWM) throughout most of the project, but worked closely with the project Coordinator in Budapest, and was also an active participant in and advisor to the Hungarian research team.