Roman republican denarius with the heads of Dioscuri, 108-107 BC

Dioscuri Project 
Eastern Enlargement Western Enlargement
Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society after the Accession

23 July 2018
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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the project is composed by the country team leaders, the consortium Coordinator, and the Principal Researcher.

Violetta Zentai, Coordinator and Hungarian Team Leader,

Janos Matyas Kovacs, Principal Researcher,

Jacek Kochanowicz, Polish Team Leader,

Matevz Tomsic, Slovenian Team Leader,

Petya Kabakchieva, Bulgarian Team Leader,

Vintila Mihailescu, Romanian Team Leader,

Drago Cengic, Croatian Team Leader,

Vesna Vucinic-Neskovic, Serbian Team Leader,

Irena Kasparova, Czech Team Leader,